Vintage Pedigree Sindy is ‘The Doll You Love To Dress’                                                             


Her fashions, appearance and lifestyle during the 1960’s and beyond, reflected popular culture in a way that was astoundingly accurate for a toy. This website is a way of sharing my passion for Sindy and other vintage teen fashion dolls, with collectors, designers and the world in general, and showing how these dolls reflected culture, history and social change.

P1000491Bridget-Riley-Movement-in-Squares--Silkscreen-print--7776 copyPOP POSY 260'S PRINTED DRESSCROCHET LOOKDusty Crochet Look

This website is also for Sindy doll and outfit reference, to enable collectors to identify correctly the content of outfits, outfit variants and other important factors, especially if new to collecting and acquiring for the first time. If anyone viewing the doll/outfit reference pages has any further information, photos, has conflicting info, or spots any mistakes, PLEASE get in touch if you are happy to do so – I firmly believe that by sharing information we will all learn and gain from this in our collecting.

I want to share some of what I do, about my activities with fashion dolls, what I am working on, and what is interesting and inspiring me. I have been collecting for 15 years + and have worked on various professional Sindy related projects, primarily with Pedigree Toys and Dolls Ltd, and also conducted extensive research at places such as the V&A Museum of Childhood and the Fashion Textiles Museum.

Most of the doll related images featured are from my personal collection, past or present. I would ask that this is respected for copyright purposes, as i have credited where appropriate.

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Sindy logos and other Sindy IP are used throughout with the permission of Pedigree Dolls and Toys Ltd