Vintage Pedigree Sindy is ‘The Doll You Love To Dress’                                                             

Her fashions, appearance and lifestyle during the 1960’s and beyond, reflected popular culture in a way that was astoundingly accurate for a toy. This website is a way of sharing my passion for Sindy and other vintage teenage fashion dolls with collectors, designers and the world in general, and showing how these dolls reflected culture, history and social change.

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This website is not for doll and outfit reference, but to interest and inspire viewers, and to learn about fashion history and culture through dolls. I want to share some of what I do, about my activities with fashion dolls, what I am working on, and what is interesting and inspiring me.

I am a collector and would love to post an archive of my collection. It sits here in this house and only my friends see it, but I know lots of you out there would appreciate it. This will take time, but will happen.

Hope you enjoy! 


Sindy logos and other Sindy IP are used throughout with the permission of Pedigree Dolls and Toys Ltd