1966 Sindy and her fashions

IN 1966, SINDY CONTINUED MUCH THE SAME AS IN 1965, as no new dolls were released this year. Hong Kong and Made in England dolls continued to be shipped and sold as Weekenders, though the MIE were dwindling in numbers. Paul and Patch continue after their launch in 65, with new outfits and separates.

However, new box graphics were produced for the HK Sindy dolls, bearing two of the new fashions for 66, Trouser Suit and Cocktail Time. These kept the same size/format of the first boxes. In addition, a new ‘Sindy Set’ brochure was created, featuring Patch, alongside Sindy and Paul. See below.

SINDY DOLL 1966 has a new Hong Kong box, but old HK and UK box stock was still being used. She remained a basic Weekender Sindy throughout the year, but gained the new ‘Sindy Set’ brochure. Her outfit, stand, hair colours and markings remained the same. Her price was £24/11.

BOXED SINDY DOLL – Made In Hong Kong – standard issue, with new box.

Sindy’s fashions below.  A total of nineteen new styles were added during 1966! Consisting of 7 new ‘fashions’ and 12 ‘separates’, plus a new accessory – Hair Colouring Set. Some were available at the start of the year, and some of these new outfits ,separates and the accessory were made available from July 1966 – maybe as a strategy to sell more dolls. This year is exciting, as Pedigree were still working with design duo Foale and Tuffin, who created a large proportion of these new outfits. Outfit production continued to be made in Hong Kong.                                CLICK HERE TO SEE  LIST OF FASHIONS CONTINUED FROM 1965

BRIDESMAID 12S09BRIDESMAID (NEW) 12S09 1966‘Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes….’ – who didn’t see The Sound of Music in the 60’s, and which young girl didn’t want to be a bridesmaid? Clearly inspired by the classic ‘flower girl’ style, this beautiful outfit is the re-issue of the 12S09 1964 Bridesmaid fashion. The crispness of the white cotton broderie anglaise, against the sky blue accessories is stunning. Made in Hong Kong with a woven label in the dress, and fastens at back of dress with two white metal domed HK poppers. Complete with elasticated underskirt, blue satin sash and hairband (white popper as dress), necklace, posy and white kitten heels.

BOWLING 12S16BOWLING 1966 12S16Originating in the USA, the first bowling alley was opened in North London in 1960, and they were UK wide by 1964/5. Coca Cola was somewhat earlier, but the US invasion of our culture had well and truly begun, probably during the Second world war. This fabulously detailed outfit lacks the ’10 pins’ but still has enormous play value, and looks great on Sindy! Made in Hong Kong, with woven label and HK domed poppers, white on the corduroy shorts/waffle cotton waistcoat and red on the brushed cotton top. The bowling shoes are unlike the classic white Weekender sneaker, as lace differently, and team with white nylon socks. Complete with bowling ball, 3 pins, and her bottle of coke.

TROUSER SUIT 12S19TROUSER SUIT 12S19 1966Here is a real fashion statement for Sindy, as this was designed by Foale and Tuffin, who also produced their own version for their design label. Shown here are the two variants, the left hand one being the hardest to find. (large black plastic poppers) and which was probably released at a later date, even as late as 1970. There is a theory that this was given away with the 60’s ‘Wardrobe’, to promote sales of leftover stock. The 1966 version (right) had smaller domed HK poppers and is in a finer corduroy, and to me much nicer.Both variants are accessorised with a groovy back faux leather handbag and black chelsea boots – what else! The green sweater is for styling purposes only.

CORDON BLEU 12S20CORDON BLEU 12S20In the 1960’s the UK became a little bit obsessed with French cuisine, and the term Cordon-bleu began to be applied to the best of cookery, and the best of chefs. Some of us will remember the popularity of TV chefs in the 60’s, and so of course Sindy had to be dressed accordingly! This outfit is very authentic with its chefs stripes, matching oven gloves, pans and utensils. It is portrayed as being worn over the 1963 Summery Days fashion, but this was not supplied with the outfit. Tres chic Sindy!

SAIL AWAY 12S21SAIL AWAY 12S21This outfit makes more of a style statement than at first glance, as demonstrated by the fashion images, which strongly promote the sou’wester hat! Sailing was also a very  ‘smart set’ pastime, and seen as very glamorous. Fabulously accessorised and a lot of fun! No deck shoes were supplied (though on the drawing) and the burgee stick is not as long as portrayed. Her lifebelt has a rope trim, sailing bag a rope drawstring and the top has rope lacing at the front. Trousers fasten with a brass HK domed popper and the top has a Made in Hong Kong woven label.

CAREFREE CAMPING 12S22carefree camping 1966 12S22A big change in our holiday habits started in the 1960’s with the growth of caravanning and camping holidays as an alternative to the traditional UK boarding house or hotel. They gave people freedom from the restrictions often still imposed on boarding house guests, and were a lot cheaper and more fun! This outfit is a cool 60’s sportswear ensemble in its own right – with the lovely black stitch detail and trim (so why not on the cap?), the zippered front and cute short shorts. The picnic set has dinky little cup, saucer, plates and condiments for two, so maybe she shared the blow up airbed (that actually works!) with Paul……..?? Made in Hong Kong, with white domed metal popper on the shorts, and woven MIHK label in the top. Sneakers included. Carry on Camping Sindy!

FUR FASHION 12S24FUR FASHION 12S24To me, the most wonderful part of this outfit is the inclusion of the HONEY magazine. The fur coat and hat are fabulous, but the fact that Sindy reads Honey makes her so ‘up to the minute’ as Pedigree are always describing her. It was one of THE most influencial fashion mags of the 60’s and 70’s, and i’m sure many of us had our monthly subscription! See detail of Sindy’s Honey next to the real thing, above. Comes with black kitten heels, red brolly, and Honey. Fastens with single black metal HK popper. Made in Hong Kong woven label in coat. Gorgeous!

IN ADDITION TO THE OUTFITS, ABOVE  Sindy has twelve new ‘separates’ in 1966, plus ‘Sindy’s Hair Switch’, a glamorous new addition to the range.

BRA AND PANTS 12S67BRA AND PANTS 1966 12S67This is really pretty, soft and delicate, and I love the way that the sketch has Sindy looking very demure. Undies were still rather punishing in the 1960’s, but times were changing! Teenage girls did not want to be trussed up in girdles and pointy bras anymore. Made from a fine nylon, with lace trim, ribbon straps and fastening with a white domed HK popper. I have never seen one with a label – it would be rather incongruous.


Sindy's Shoes 12S68 1966According to the wholesale price list, this consisted of 63 pairs of Assorted Shoes – Sindy Sneakers (white and brown); Wellingtons; Ski; Skating boots; Court Shoes (black and white); Mules (white and beige); Evening Sandals; Paul Sneakers (white); Chelsea boots (brown and black); also Patch Shoes.                                                                                                                                           Very vague regarding Patch! I have never seen this and would be VERY interested to know if anyone else has? it was also listed for 1967 so was available for a while.

SUMMERY DAYS 12S69 (RE-ISSUE VARIANT) Summery Days 12S69 1966This is exactly the same as 12S55 1963, but in a variant print, and Made in Irish Republic. The ‘shift dress’ was such an iconic 60’s silhouette, and really reflected the mood of the decade. It was also very easy to make at home, and to adapt, and was the staple of every 60’s teenagers wardrobe. No wonder Pedigree kept this going for so long! The MIIR poppers are flat like the MIE, but in brass. Comes with printed label, shown.

I believe that this was issued as a separate fashion, as my research bears this out, and there always seem to be more of these dresses found than the Wardrobe Trunk? It was only for a year, as in 1967 it disappears, but then re-appears in 1968 as a giveaway with the Wardrobe Trunk. See photo above of trunk accessories. However, i have never seen this on pack, and would dearly love to hear from anyone who has this, or seen it on pack?

LEATHER LOOKER 12S70LEATHER LOOKER 12S70 1966A classic black leather A line skirt, with white topstitch detail at the hem. It is actually made from faux leather, but the human version that it emulates would have been leather, a popular material in the 60’s as it was seen as subversive!  Made in the Irish Republic, with a flat black metal popper and with printed MIIR label.

SMOCK DRESS 12S71SMOCK DRESS I2S71 1966The versatility of this shape and its freshness, as influenced by the hippie movement, kept the smock popular well into the 70’s. Foale and Tuffin originally designed this in red – see pattern above from original archive, and Cilla Black got married in a red smock dress, designed by John Bates. Its interesting how Sindy’s smock retained the red via the topstitching, and the cut and detail of this little dress really is lovely. In green needlecord, with elasticated cuffs and shirring at the front. It fastens with two domed brass HK poppers, and has a woven MIHK label inside.

BELL BOTTOMS (RED STITCH) 12S72BELL BOTTOMS 12S72 1966It’s a shame that these didn’t really look like ‘bell bottoms’ as the ones in the drawing/photo, as this look was , like the smock above, so synonymous with the hippy feel of the late 60’s early 70’s fashion. White cotton drill with printed stitching as the weekender jeans (same pattern) Made in Hong Kong, with single brass domed HK popper. There is also a mystery blue stitch variant, which shows up in 1969 on the WINTER WARM 12GSS7 boxed doll. I have never found another reference to these, or seen them on a pack. Has anyone else? would love to know!

REEFER JACKET 12S73REEFER 12S73 1966Also known as the Pea Coat, this popular contemporary classic started life as mens nautical workwear uniform, worn by the Royal Navy. It was therefore seen as subversive, like the Duffle Coat, and was adopted by ‘beatniks’ (male and female), and then MODS, as a way of shocking their parents! The cut and detail of this is so accurate for dolls clothes, and so well made, with pockets, revers and topstitch detail. Made in Hong Kong, from Navy blue wool, with brass domed HK poppers and a woven MIHK label. Surplus stock was used in 1969 as this formed part of the 12GSS5 EVENING STROLL boxed doll, together with the Bell Bottoms above, and Tee Shirt/Casual Moments below.

TEE SHIRT 12S74TEE SHIRT 12S74 1966 I am convinced that this is the same release as Turtle Neck Sweater, listed the following year. It has the same reference number 12S74, and the colour is too much of a coincidence. Its maybe just Pedigree not deciding upon the name, then changing it. On the Foale and Tuffin sample pattern, it is called Tee Shirt, and also on the price list section shown above. Is this a mystery solved? Regardless…… its a lovely little skinny rib sweater, so of its time, and so versatile. Made in Hong Kong, with a single white metal domed popper to fasten. Woven MIHK label inside.

HIGHLAND LASS 12S75HIGHLAND LASS 12S75 1966Well, Kilts were clearly ‘all the rage’ as we can see from the 60’s photo above, and Sindy is a bonnie lass in hers! This comes in two variants, both authentic tartans, and in an authentic style too. Made from a fine wool, with safety pin and fringing at front wrap. Made in Hong Kong, with a single red metal domed popper to fasten. Woven MIHK label inside.

DENIM UNDERWEAR 12S76DENIM UNDERWEAR 66 12S76Very modern, young lingerie for the time, designed by Foale and Tuffin and perfect for Sindy’s image. Made from ‘mauve’ chambray cotton, with a mauve/white check underslip, with elastic straps. Woven MIHK label inside skirt on my example. The bra and pants wouldn’t look out of place today!

COCKTAIL TIME 12S77COCKTAIL TIMEIts such a shame that this dress wasn’t given the necklace accessory as in the drawing – the 1920’s influence is so obvious, as we can see from the photo of Flapper girls. The 1960’s was very similar to the 1920’s in its post-war cultural change, especially for women. Its no wonder that designers looked to this decade for inspiration. The small photo shows a 1960’s fashion shoot, with identical hair to Sindy! Made from turquoise cotton poplin with black lace layer trim. Made in Hong Kong, with a single black metal domed popper to fasten. Woven MIHK label inside.

COLOURED STOCKINGS 12S78COLOURED STOCKINGS 12S78 1966Marianne Faithful wears her black lace stockings in Paris, and another 60’s model wears cream ones in the shoot, right, with a dress not unlike Coffee Party! . These really are the perfect accessory for lots of Sindy’s outfits, and you get a pair in each colour. Lovely!